Training program

Click on the links below to download your training program. Training programs are listed as beginner, intermediate and advanced. It is advised that you choose a comfortable level to begin with and increase the difficulty of your training over time. Make sure you read the user manual before you begin using inexo for important health and product maintenance information. 

It is important to keep to a regular training routine. We suggest using inexo twice daily for two weeks before making a change. Fill in the results table (on the second page of the PDF) each time you use the device. Over time you can review your progress (and share the information with your GP or healthcare professional). 

The results table prompts you to measure the performance of your lungs using a peak flow meter if you have access to one. It also requires you to have access to a clock or stopwatch to measure how long you can comfortably hold your breath. There is a daily notes section for you to add a brief comment on how you feel.

Training programs are designed to be easily shared with your GP or a healthcare professional once you have completed them. They can be filled in and shared electronically or alternatively can be printed and sent by post. Make sure to fill in our name and contact details.  

Beginner: Exhale only (very gentle)

Intermediate: Inhale and exhale (Lower resistance)

Intermediate: Inhale and exhale (Higher resistance)

Advanced: Inhale and exhale with activity (Higher resistance)

As the training programs increase in difficulty they ask you to undertake a form of gentle activity in conjunction with the breathwork. The purpose of this is to continue to make your lungs work a little harder. Undertake activities that you are comfortable and used to doing such as walking, raising and lowering your arms, or sitting and standing from an armchair.