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Launching in September 2020, with B2B pre-orders available throughout July, the inexo breathing resistance device will bring about tangible health benefits for those recovering from Covid-19 and those seeking to better prepare themselves for possible contraction of the virus. 

InnovateUK is a government organisation which awards financial support to small to medium sized enterprises involved in the development of disruptive and innovative technologies. Their national competition, focussing on the coronavirus pandemic launched in April and attracted over 8,500 entries. A panel reviewed entries based on their potential to deliver significant healthcare and economic benefits.

The funded project, which is called ‘inexo’, aids the recovery of patients affected by the virus and helps those at risk (in care homes or with underlying respiratory issues) to be better prepared for possible infection.

For more information please email:
contact@inexo.co.uk or call 07971 391 178

Funded by UKRI